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Tyger River Chapel Foundation Event Raises Awareness

"By God's grace, Tyger River Lower Chapel will be a great sanctuary for all incarcerated individuals and an agent of change for those seeking the truth and a better life".  - Jon Ozmint

Tyger River Chapel Foundation hosted our first Awareness Event on November 15th at the home of Jackie and Charlie Hodge. Our speakers included former South Carolina Director of Department of Corrections, Jon Ozmint. The faith community was invited into South Carolina's prison system when Jon served as the Director. Jon had some powerful words at the Awareness Event. Ozmint stated, "You can provide those inmates with a chapel at Tyger River, a place where they can go and make that turn," referring to the positive changes he has seen men and women make by finding Christ while in prison. Ozmint shared the importance of hope for those who find themselves traumatized by their current circumstances, stating, "this effort allows you to erect a beacon of hope," emphasizing that an offering of hope is the most pow­erful gift you can give to someone who finds themselves within the prison walls.

Facts: Tyger River Correctional Institution is home to 1200 men. 95% of the inmates will be released back into the community.

"I was in prison and you came to visit me" Matthew 25:36

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